Reducing Cost & Reinforcing Concrete General Products Overview Nuovafil manufactures and distributes a complete line of synthetic fibers for use as reinforcement in cementicious materials; across many different markets and applications. All manufacturing is in compliance with “Standard specification for fiber reinforced concrete and shotcrete.

Typical Applications

  • Residential and Industrial Slabs on Grade
  • Precast Concrete Products
  • Coatings, Overlays and White Toppings
  • Elevated Slabs and Structures
  • Architectural and Lightweight Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate, Colored and Stamped
  • Shotcrete and Sprayed Applications
  • Stucco and Plastered Cement Impact of GARVILON® Synthetic Fibers in Concrete Preventing & Managing Cracking Issue
  • Effectively Prevents the Cracking Mechanism (PSCR& Settlement Cracking) from propagating.
  • Reduces the post-crack opening, helping to transfer the load; Increasing the Concrete’s Tensile Capacity, Ductility and Toughness.
  • By rendering the crack “Ineffective”, the Fibers allow the composite behavior to carry even more load – way beyond the concrete’s designed strength. Alternative / Replacement for Steel Reinforcement
  • Independent testing provides sufficient data to demonstrate that the use of 3-dimensional fiber reinforcement provides better crack management and control than WWR
  • The subject data also provides for the Replacement of WWR and Steel Bars when used as secondary reinforcement, and when the steel reinforcement ratio is =/< 0.2% Safer and Easy to Use
  • No handling, cutting, bending or placing of steel reinforcement – all fiber reinforcement is “Built-In” and always positioned properly.
  • Avoid tripping hazards and dangers from working around rusty steel bars, wire mats or rolls. Financial and Sustainable Gains
  • Eliminates the need to purchase & store steel reinforcement, as well as any handling or special pumping equipment
  • Enjoy a sustainable improvement and cost advantage in labor and total time on the job vs steel – flowing directly to the bottom line profit of your project.
  • Drastically reduces “call-backs” due to cracking in Ready Mix C.O.D. business.

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